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Are You Prepared For
Federal Retirement?

At Kershaw Benefit Group, we work with federal, state and civil employees to help them better understand their specific benefits and retirement. We can help you understand all aspects of federal, state and civil employee benefits and retirement and can show you all of the options available.  We can also help you with short-term disability benefits. We are a Government & Civil Employee Benefits Liaison and Retirement Consulting Company.

We Can Help You With:


Between ages 50-65 alone, your FEGLI rates will increase by approximately 500%. We have encountered countless federal employees who were shocked and disappointed when they learned that they could no longer afford it and had nothing to show for it. These details are just the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn in your benefit review.


Your pension is the backbone of your retirement income. Clarity on your minimum retirement age, the amount you will receive, the deductions that will come out, survivor benefits, and ensuring that your spouse can keep health insurance after your death are all issues that are paramount in avoiding surprises and mistakes.


While the TSP is great for accumulation due to its low fees, payroll deduction, and match, you will eventually enter the preservation and distribution phases as you approach retirement. Being educated on the best options available to you will ensure that you have an objective approach to handling market volatility, inflation, and passing your hard-earned money to your heirs in the most efficient manner.

Short Term Disability

Missouri short-term disability benefits are only available through private companies.

Many growing families are strapped for cash while healthy. A loss of income could prove devastating. Let us help you learn how short-term disability insurance works in Missouri and give you some options.

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