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Dental Insurance

Plan 4-$2,000, 100% | 80% | 50%

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Plan details

The benefit year maximum for this plan is $2,000 per person.

Class A, B and C services apply toward the benefit year maximum.

This plan has a deductible of $50 per person.

Families only pay the deductible for a maximum of three people.

Applies only to class B and C services.

The co-insurance for this plan is:



To locate a participating dentist, access the provider

search at

Dental insurance from Colonial Life can help preserve your smile with

easy-to-use coverage that promotes overall wellness.

Benefits can help with a variety of dental costs, from routine cleanings to

more advanced procedures. Coverage is available for you, your spouse and

dependent children.

Our national dental network offers more than 381,000 access points. Members may

choose any dentist but may receive additional savings by choosing an in-network dentist.

Plus, services not covered by this plan may also still be eligible for in-network savings.

Out-of-network benefits are paid at the network negotiated rate.

For more information,

        talk with your

   benefits counselor.


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